Stem cells for osteoarthritis.

Dr Leesa Huguenin is a principle researcher in a trial with the Melbourne Stem Cell Centre, looking at the effect of high dose stem cell injections on knees with osteoarthritis. This trial has ethics approval from Monash University.

There are 3 groups in the trial. A non-intervention group (no treatment until 12 months after entering the trial), a single injection group and a double injection group.

Stem cells are harvested from tummy fat (lipoharvest) and then isolated and expanded by the lab. The calls are tested and labelled. Only pure stem cells are injected into the knee. Trial patients do not have to pay for this treatment.

This is the first study of its kind in Australia.

The aim is to see the effect on pain and function, but more importantly, to see if it is possible to regrow the lining cartilage of the knee.

Recruitment is well underway, but more patients are needed.

The ideal patient has ONE MODERATELY sore knee, is otherwise well and has no history of cancer. Final inclusion in the study does depend on scan findings.

If you think you may be eligible, call for an appointment with Leesa. Even if you are not, she may just be able to improve your arthritis management anyway!

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