Breaking News – Saying ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Hello’

At the end of January 2015, MP Sports Physicians will regretfully be saying goodbye to our current registrars, Dr Brendon Aubrey and Dr Matthew Chamberlain. We thank them for their efforts over the last 2 years and we will miss them as they progress to the next compulsory stages of their ACSP training. Hopefully they learned something along the way, but at the very least, had the opportunity to realise what a great and supportive medical community we have here on the Peninsula!

Farewell Matt and Brendon and our very best wishes for all your future endeavours.

We are, however, fortunate to be commencing 2 new registrars with our team, bringing with them a whole new set of strengths and a fresh outlook.

Welcome to Dr James (Jimmy) McLaren is New Zealand born, but happy to call himself an Aussie. He comes from an A&E background, is into extremeish sports and already has good sports experience, having looked after the Casey Scorpions VFL team for a few years. He will continue to work at Casey during his 2 year tenure with us.

Welcome also to Dr Sachin Khullar is Indian trained with extensive sports medicine and surgical experience. He is looking to call the Peninsula home for quite some time and will be helping out with the Frankston Dolphins this year.

Of course, here as always will be Dr Leesa Huguenin and Dr Greg Harris, as well as our continuing registrar, Dr Eloise Matthews. Together, we welcome both Jimmy and Sachin to MP Sports Physicians and look forward to our nxt few years together.

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