Cycling in Comfort

CYCLING IN COMFORT: It’s not just the lycra that needs to fit properly!

Cycling is no longer the “new golf” – the growth of cycling has been steady and consistent for many years now. Bike sales have exceeded car sales annually for over 15 years, and over half of all Australian households own one or more bicycles, making cycling the fourth most popular physical activity after walking, aerobics and swimming. All levels of government have recognised the benefits of cycling to the community in terms of amenity, traffic management, health and economics.
The Mornington Peninsula is one of Australia’s cycling ‘hot-spots’, with riders of all shapes, sizes and abilities enjoying the roads and trails either for training, commuting or just for fun. With this increase in activity there is of course an increase in the prevalence of cycling-associated injuries or pain.

Sore backs, knees, hips, shoulders and necks can frustrate riders at all levels, but most cycling aches and pains can be improved by ensuring that the bike and rider work together. It is rare for a bike to ‘fit’ the rider straight off the shop floor, and while most bike shops will offer a basic setup, it can sometimes take a more thorough assessment to get things right. As with any sport, it is often only possible to manage an injury by assessing technique and biomechanics, which is where a specialist musculoskeletal examination is needed.

At MP Sports Physicians we can now offer a thorough riding assessment, starting with the rider and then moving on to look at the bike. With the individual rider’s issues in mind we can then work on the combination of how the two should best fit together. 

For more information please see our website, or call the Mornington or Frankston office. Patients can book an appointment for a Riding Assessment through either clinic.