I have arthritis …..or do I?

I have arthritis …..or do I?

Most people with pain on the outside of their hip think they have arthritis. Although this is sometimes the case, there are a number of other potential causes, many of which are curable without surgery or prolonged interference with your daily life.

Where else could the pain be coming from?
1. Lower back issues can cause pain on the outside of your hip. This could be a nerve entrapment or disc bulge, but it could also be referred pain from the small joints in your back called facet joints.
2. Another potential source of the pain is the joint between the sacrum and the pelvis. This is called the sacroiliac joint. This joint can suffer in inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. It can also be involved in osteoarthritis and it can suffer with instability. Although it will often present with back pain, most people find it difficult to pinpoint the source.
3. The tendons of the buttock muscles are a very common cause of lateral hip pain. They can develop wear and tear from overload. Most commonly, this is a result of weakness in the muscles. Many people are told that the pain is due to bursitis. It is our belief that bursitis is a secondary issue that occurs as a result of tendon dysfunction.
So, the good news is that you may not need a hip replacement for your hip pain.
The bad news is that it can be difficult to sort out the exact underlying cause of your problem.

Luckily, we are experts at this. We can help you diagnose and manage your problem conservatively.

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ACSEP conference

Great to see the MP Sports Physicians team together at the ACSEP conference last week. Dr Leesa Huguenin presented fellowships to Dr Sachin Khullar and Dr Danielle Hope. Well done!

Congratulations Dr Leesa!

Congratulations to Leesa on receiving the ACSEP award for training supervisor of the year. Great achievement – Well done Leesa!

St Kilda AFLW News

St Kilda fielded an AFLW team for the very first time last Sunday. After a valiant effort, they unfortunately went down to the western bulldogs.

Our very own Leesa and Danielle will be on the bench providing medical support all season.

Congratulations Dr Danielle Hope

Congratulations Dr Danielle Hope for receiving the ACSEP college medal for the highest achieving candidate for 2019 in the Part 2 exams. Well done Danielle!



The most common cause for gradual onset of heel pain is plantar fasciitis. If you have developed pain like this, why don’t you try;

1. Make sure you are wearing supportive shoes as much as possible
2. Avoid walking barefoot or on uneven ground
3. Consider trying some cushioned heel cups in your shoes
4. Ice the area a couple of times per day
5. Massage or stretch out your calves regularly
If this doesn’t help, seek help. In this situation a diagnosis is the most important thing to direct your management and there are many structures around the heel that can cause similar pain.


Welcome Dr Mona Shabghareh!


MP Sports Physicians welcomes Dr Mona Shabghareh to our team.
Dr Mona Shabghareh obtained her medical degree and Bachelor of Medical Science at Shiraz University of Medical Science (Iran) in 2009. Since then, Mona has been practicing in the field of Sport and Exercise medicine and in 2012 attained her sports Medicine fellowship.

Mona has been practicing in many hospitals and sports clinics and has worked with many sporting teams such as the Iran National Volleyball team for over 10 years.
Mona will be consulting from our Frankston and Narre Warren rooms staring in February 2020. For appointments, please call 03 9770 2398