MP Sports Physicians COVID infection control policy

Effective Friday 10th July 2020

In light of recent surges in COVID 19 infections in Victoria, the decision has been made to further tighten our infection control policy.


Patients attending the clinic are encouraged to wear masks if they have access to one.

Patients should not attend the clinic if they have any cold or flu like symptoms.

We no longer allow friends/ family or other support people in our waiting room due to increased risk of transmission and increased difficulties of contact tracing if a case is identified.

Frail patients who are unsafe to ambulate alone may have a support person help them into the waiting room. Clinical staff will look after them from that point. Support people will be contacted to come back in at the end of the appointment.

Children may attend with a maximum of one parent.

Teleheath remains available for all consultations and is highly recommended where possible.

If a telehealth appointment is conducted and the Doctor deems it necessary for the patient to attend to complete the appointment, there is no additional charge for that attendance.


Clinical staff will wear face masks for all patient interactions.

All staff will wear gloves for all direct patient skin contact, including physical examination.

Our staff will not attend work if they have respiratory or cold like symptoms


These infection guidelines have been put in place to ensure the safety of our patients, staff and the wider community and we thank you for your efforts in helping us to control the spread of COVID 19.