Welcome Dr Matt Chamberlain!

MP Sports Physicians are very excited to announce that Dr Matt Chamberlain will be joining the team. Matt will be consulting from our Narre Warren rooms, starting in early September. Welcome Matt!


Effective August 3 2020

With the announcement of Stage 4 restrictions by the State Government today,our COVID 19 plan has been updated as follows:


Non clinical staff will wear face masks and face shields at all times within the clinic, except when eating and drinking. Face masks may be disposable surgical masks  or triple layered fabric masksif preferred. If fabric masks are used, they must be laundered daily.

Instruction will be given in safe donning and removal.

Hand washing with soap will be performed at intervals throughout the work day and hand sanitiser will be used frequently.

All desk/ keyboard / telephone surfaces to be cleaned twice daily. At the end of the day, these surfaces should be sprayed down with Viraclean or Clinicol and covered with a paper towel over night.

A continued focus will be placed on cleaning surfaces in waiting room.

All verbal interactions with patients will take place behind Perspex screens (sneeze screens).

At all times, a distance of 1.5 metres will be maintained between staff. Where possible, tasks will be performed in a separate room.

If non clinical staff are required to self isolate, they will be paid their usual hours in sick leave. If no leave is available, they may choose to take unpaid leave or negotiate their options directly.


Clinical staff will be expected to wear face masks and face shields (provided) for all patient interactions. Face masks must be changed after eating/ drinking. At a minimum, they should be changed every 4 hours.

Face shields should besprayed with antiviral cleaner at the end of each day. Each staff member will have their own shield.

Clinical staff must wear gloves for all direct patient skin contact. These gloves should be removed and hands washed prior to returning to use the computer keyboard.

Keyboards in clinical rooms will be sprayed and covered overnight.

Clinicians will wipe down all surfaces with clinicol/ viraclean after each patient visit.

Due to difficulties with communication, it is not necessary to wear masks during telehealth consultations. In this case, the consultation must be conducted with the consulting room door closed and the mask replaced as soon as the consultation is over.

Plastic aprons will be provided to wear whilst consulting at the clinicians discretion. Surgical gowns will not be provided. All clothing should be washed after each day of wear.

The clinic is investigating the supply of “scrubs” for ease of daily laundering.

Please ensure lower arms are bare during times of patient contact.

Clinical staff should not enter the reception area unless absolutely necessary and are expected to spend the majority of their workday in their consulting room.


Will not attend work with respiratory or cold like symptoms or if a household member is being tested for COVID 19 until tests have returned as negative.

In the event of illness, staff MUST attend for COVID testing.

Clinicians may continue working remotely while awaiting test results and isolating in their own home.

Will have the COVID SAFE app on your phone and keep it close to your work area.

Will provide their own water bottles for drinking.

Will take care to avoid sharing mugs/utensils during the workday. At the end of the day, dishes will be cleaned and have recently boiled water poured over them before being left to airdry.


All patients are strongly encouraged to utilise the option of telehealth wherever possible.

If a telehealth appointment is conducted and the Doctor deems is necessary for the patient to attend to complete the appointment, there is no additional charge for that attendance.

Patients should not attend the clinic if they have any cold or flu like symptoms.

ALL patients MUST wear a mask when attending the clinic.

No visitors or support people are permitted in the waiting room.

Frail patients who are unsafe to ambulate alone may have a support person help them into the waiting room. Clinical staff will look after them from that point. Support people will be contacted to come back in at the end of the appointment.

Children may attend with a maximum of one parent.


In the event of a person testing positive who has been present in our clinic during their infection period, the clinic will be closed immediately for deep cleaning. All people deemed to have been contacts will immediately self-isolate and undergo COVID 19 testing. As stated above, clinical staff may continue working remotely in this case.


These infection guidelines have been put in place to ensure the safety of our patients, staff and the wider community and we thank you for your efforts in helping us to control the spread of COVID 19.