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Farewell Dr Liam Geraghty.

Dr Geraghty has successfully completed his first 2 years of training with us and is now heading away on compulsory rotation to spend 2 years in Hobart. We wish him every success in the second half of his training program and thank him for his time with us.

Narre Warren Rooms

MP Sports Physicians are excited and proud to announce the opening of our own custom space in Narre Warren. This space will replace our consulting at Berwick. This fully equipped clinic will allow us to perform all treatments, including PRP, ultrasound, iontophoresis and shock wave without the need for patients to travel. The new clinic […]


Stem Cell Update- what the papers don’t tell you.

Stem Cell update – Looking positive, but let’s not get too excited Many of you will have seen articles in newspapers about stem cells and the hope that they offer to arthritis sufferers. Unfortunately, these articles are overstating the current evidence. The truth is: 1. There is currently a trial running for injection of pure […]


Lateral Hip Pain

One of the commonest presentations to a Sports Medicine clinic is for pain at the side of the hip that hurts to go up stairs and to lie on the side at night. Many people assume this means that they have arthritis in the hip joint. Generally, this is not the case. In most cases, […]


Heel Pain

It is not uncommon for us to see people presenting with “heel spurs”. Did you know that while heel spurs are seen in 45-50% of the population, about 1/4 of these will ever experience pain AND heel pain can occur just as commonly without a spur? Sometimes, seeing a spur on Xray doesn’t help our […]


GLoBE trial commencement for lateral hip pain

Dr Greg Harris and Dr Eloise Matthews are pleased to announce the commencement of a trial for treatment of lateral hip pain. Both are closely involved in the research, which is backed by Latrobe university. If you have pain at the side of your hip, or know someone that does, you may be eligible to […]


Coccygeal pain

Fortunately coccygeal pain (coccydynia) is a rare presentation to Sports Physicians. Unfortunately, it can be one of the most difficult to treat. Science on its treatment is a little bit haphazard and developing a treatment algorithm often comes down to clinical experience. In my mind, I divide coccygeal pain into those with a mechanical cause […]