The Importance of Resting an Injury as Much as Your Doctor Says to and Finding a Sports Medicine Physician near Carrum Downs

People with recent overuse injuries or those who have recently undergone surgery often struggle with determining how much rest they need versus when it’s okay to return to their regular physical activities. Rest and recovery are essential to proper healing, but so is exercise. The trick is knowing when to rest and when to resume training.

The simplest answer is that you should consult with your sports doctor near Carrum Downs and follow their instructions. A post-injury exercise routine helps with recovery, but failure to rest properly can result in additional problems. If your doctor says “no heavy lifting,” for example, it’s important that you follow this direction. If you are anxious to get back to your regular exercise routine, ask your sports medicine doctor near Carrum Downs for a workout plan that will strengthen your injured body and help it heal without overworking it and delaying complete recovery.

Rest vs. Recovery

When many people hear “rest,” they picture lying down and avoiding exercise of any kind. Simply put, rest refers to a combination of sleeping and avoiding training. It matters how you spend your downtime. Recovery should be part of rest; recovery refers to the actions you take that help your body heal, such as hydration, nutrition, ice, heat, stretching, posture, and compression. Recovery involves more than just muscle repair; it also encompasses chemical and hormonal balance repair and nervous system repair.

One of the most important elements of recovery is sleep. Getting lots of good-quality sleep can improve your mental health and promote muscular recovery. Another essential element is hydration. Water helps all the parts of your body function optimally and drinking enough while you’re recovering aids in the process, as does proper nutrition. You should also be paying attention to your posture, as certain injuries such as those to the neck or back are aggravated by poor posture.

Typically, the first few days after surgery or an injury involve simple walking. Patients who get up and around sooner tend to recover faster and return to their regular activities quicker. However, your sports medicine physician in Carrum Downs will instruct you on what activities are ideal, and it is important that you follow this advice.

Looking for a Sports Physician in Carrum Downs?

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