Supporting Sports.

Dr Leesa Huguenin spent many years supporting elite athletes with roles at the AIS, Melbourne Demons football Club and as Chief Medical Officer for Netball Australia.

Dr Greg Harris is the Chief of sports Medicine for the Suzuki Racesafe team, works closely with other motorsports is qualified and recognised to perform CAMS medical examinations.

Dr Eloise Matthews has organised outstanding medical protocols for the Mornington Triathlon Competitions and the Bloody Big Swim. She has also provided medical care to the Dandenong Stingrays.

Dr Sachin Khullar is the primary doctor for the Frankston Dolphins Football team and is working with elite competitive gymnastics. He will take over medical roles for triathlon and open water swimming.

Dr James McLaren is the primary doctor for the Casey Scorpions football team and has a keen developing interest in soccer.