Positions Available.

  • Senior consultant Sport and Exercise medicine specialist (FACSEP).
  • Opportunity available for a fellow of the Australasian College of Sport and Exercise Medicine to consult in a full or part time role.
  • Consulting hours available at all clinic locations. Excellent administrative support.
  • Hours/days negotiable.

Prospective Registrars.

Registrars wishing to apply for supervised positions at MP Sports Physicians must have made contact with the principal supervisor, Dr Huguenin prior to the date of positions being allocated by the college.

For 2nd, 3rd and 4th year registrars, positions for the following year are decided as early as March of the current year. We therefore recommend applications are made at least 12 months prior to proposed training.

Although first year positions are not allocated by the college until October each year, first year applicants will not be considered unless our prerequisites are met.

If you are interested in a training position, please send your resume to info@mpsportsphysicians.com.au.

Please note that sitting-in time is not a guarantee of a position but is a prerequisite for consideration.

All registrars must be available to consult at any of our locations. Consulting timetables are decided by the clinic.

All registrar positions are for a minimum 2 years. This is not negotiable.