MP Lifestyle is coming!

Watch this space!
MP Sports Physicians is excited to announce the commencement of our new clinical focus, starting early April, which will run alongside our dietetics and medical arms.
MP Lifestyle is a clinic to help you stay active for longer.
Weight loss programs, supervised by a Sports Physician, Dietician and exercise Physiologist will commence in April, and can be completed as 6 or 12 month programs.
Within the next few months, programs for management of osteoarthritis, diabetes and heart and lung health will also be commencing.
For more information, contact the clinic or discuss your options with your GP.


MP Sports Dieticians

Sports dietetics is coming to Mp Sports Physicians.
Jodie Read, an experienced dietician, will join our team from Feb 14.
Her interests include sports nutrition, weight loss and women’s nutrition during the peripartum period.
Jodie will be an excellent asset to our practice and we look forward to working closely with her.
Jodie is seeing clients who have not been managed by our physicians, so we welcome all doctor referrals.


Christmas Break

Please note that MP Sports Physicians will be closed from Dec 24 – Jan 3 for the Christmas Break. Messages will not be attended to until we reopen on January 3 2013.


New Treatment for Sore Tendons

Painful tendons are some of the most common problems we see at MP Sports Physicians. This includes elbows (“tennis” and “golfer’s” elbow), shoulders (rotator cuff tendons), Achilles tendons, knees (patellar tendons, or “jumpers knee”), hips (often called “bursitis”), hamstrings and others at the wrist, hand, foot and ankle. In medical terms, tendon pain is called “tendinopathy”.
The major part of treating a sore tendon is to develop a regular and well-structured program of exercises to strengthen the tendon. Pain relief and methods of preventing excessive load to the tendon is also important, and we can help to work out a suitable plan for you.

When your tendon is not responding to these measures, then it becomes necessary to consider other treatments that may improve your pain so that you can recommence the exercise program. Our understanding of tendon tissue and healing has been a developing science, with major advances in the last 10 years. We now have a number of possible treatments that have been shown to work through good clinical studies.

To decide exactly which treatment is right for your tendon sometimes requires some investigation, often with an ultrasound scan. This can show the structure of the tendon, and differences in structure can help us choose which treatment is most likely to help you. We can perform an ultrasound scan of your tendon at the time of consultation at either Mornington or Frankston, which means that we can plan your treatment sooner.

Some of the treatment options for tendinopathy may involve injection into or around the tendon. This is often best done under direct vision with the ultrasound machine. Again this is a technique that we can perform in the clinic in many cases.

Our aim is to get your tendon to improve with training, and to help guide you back towards the things you would like to be able to do.

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