Visit a Sports Medicine Clinic near Carrum Down to Return to an Active Lifestyle

Unfortunately, heart disease is far from rare in most countries across the globe, and that includes Australia. Following a cardiac arrest, you might feel as if you can never return to a normal, happy lifestyle with plenty of exercise, which in turn could diminish your quality of life. While it’s true that recovering from a heart attack isn’t easy, it is possible with a bit of hard work and advice from sports medicine specialists. Plus, if you have a support group of people that provide motivation, you’ll soon find that you have what it takes to become an active member of society once again.

If you suffer a heart attack, you’ll usually undergo a six-week supervised cardio rehab programme, which will help you regain confidence and determine your capabilities. However, when the rehab is over, you might be unsure of what to do next. You may wonder whether you can start jogging every morning for miles or if it’s ok to swim underwater. Unfortunately, those kinds of questions aren’t easy to answer because everybody is different, meaning you need to visit the professionals in sports medicine near Carrum Downs to find out what’s best for you.

Here at MP Sports Physicians, we’ve been treating a broad range of people with sports injuries, lifelong health conditions, and those who’ve suffered a heart attack for over 12 years, and we can do the same for you. All our sports medicine specialists near Carrum Downs are trained to the highest industry standards, and they also receive ongoing training because our industry continuously advances in leaps and bounds. As our sports medicine clinics are within driving distance of Carrum Downs, you’ve no need to head to the busy city centre for treatment, and we’ll personalise a recovery plan that will allow you to lead a healthy lifestyle and keep your heart in top condition.

Visit Our Sports Medicine Clinic near Carrum Downs Today

The sooner you meet our specialists, the faster you’ll recover, so don’t let that painful period in your life result in an unhappy future. Here’s a brief rundown of what we can do for you:

  • Provide the required medication – If you need medication to keep your heart in check, our qualified sports physicians are here to provide it. We’ll assess your situation to find out what will work best, helping you to live healthily and happily even following a cardiac arrest.
  • Assist in creating an exercise plan – Many factors, such as your body weight, age, and condition, determine how hard and often you can train, and our specialists will work out a programme that’s perfect for you.
  • Put your mind at ease – Most important of all; we’ll help you understand your condition as well as how to live a full and fruitful life, allowing you to take the first steps to return to your usual, happy self.

Sports Physicians You Can Trust

For over a decade, we’ve helped countless people piece their lives back together and resume regular exercise following a heart attack, and we can and will do the same for you. Contact us today to book an appointment.