Specialists at a Sports Medicine Clinic near Gippsland Can Help Diabetes

Have you or someone you love recently been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes? This can be a scary time, especially when you don’t know what to expect or how to deal with the changes diabetes will bring to your life. You’re suddenly faced with having a chronic disease, and you don’t know what’s okay to eat, what changes you should make, and what exercises you can safely do. Above everything, you know you want to improve diabetes so you can stay healthy and be around for a long time. Working out is vital, and sports medicine specialists near Gippsland can help you.

How Exercise Helps Diabetes

Exercise lowers your blood glucose in several ways. When you exercise, your cells are more capable of using available insulin because of the increase in insulin sensitivity. Also, exercise causes your muscles to contract which stimulates a mechanism that helps your cells use glucose for energy. Exercise lowers your blood sugar short term, but when you workout regularly, it can lower your HbA1C, which is the measurement of your long-term blood glucose. Specialists at your clinic in Gippsland have probably told you how crucial it is that your HbA1C stay within a reasonable range.

How exercise affects your blood glucose will depend on a variety of factors and a specialist in sports medicine in Gippsland can help show you what to watch for and how to track the results. This can help you achieve better sugar controls and may reduce the amount of medicine you need to take. Regular exercise can also reduce your blood pressure and help with weight control, both key factors in managing diabetes.

See a Sports Medicine Specialist near Gippsland Today

MP Sports physicians is a sports medicine clinic near Gippsland that can help show you how to exercise safely and more efficiently. The doctors at our clinic understand how diabetes acts on the body and know how to design a program met for your needs. They can tailor an exercise regimen that can safely lower your blood sugars and improve diabetes.

Our sports medicine doctors near Gippsland care about their patients and their well-being. They understand the unique challenges of diabetes and know what you can reasonably and safely do. Our doctors want you to have a positive outcome and will do everything we can to ensure your success. Our staff is friendly and outgoing, and we pride ourselves on providing the very best medical care you can get in a relaxed setting.

Give us a call today and set up your appointment for pre-diabetes or diabetes care. With MP Sports Physicians, you’ll receive comprehensive quality treatment that will help get you on the road to better health.